Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's 45 degrees today..

..the first month should have snow.
Instead, the ice is melting down
and steady, warm winds blow.

I really like a winter
that's not too cold to play,
but thawing breeze and melting rain
could, simply, go away.

I'd like to take the sleds out
and play up on a hill.
'Twill have to wait for colder air
and the wind to just sit still.

Until then, the house chores
will get done, instead,
while visions of fresh snow and sun
will dance inside our head.

"Is this January?", we say
and look in disbelief.
This premonition of springtime
is hardly a relief.

The comfort comes in knowing
that spring is not here yet.
Everything will freeze, again
and we won't be so wet.

I hope it freezes before all melts
This is the wanted thing -
I don't want to see what's in my yard
until it's really spring!

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Stan said...

Without putting it nto ryhme, I know what you mean - as much as I dislike winter,the fields of white snow is soothing. As with you, we have warm weather, the decks are even dry but the National Hockey League could hold the Stanley Cup finals on our driveway and parking lot. Thre will be no ball playing for the two boys and girl today because of the dangerous conditions. Going to have to find them a new hobby for "ice days".

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