Thursday, January 24, 2008

What do we know!?

..."The last time Canada had a significantly
cold winter was back in 1994, more than a decade
ago, and this may very well rival that one in terms of
The Canadian Press

Do you ever feel like a yo-yo toy for the press to spin?
It seems there is controversy about the global
climate changes. Surprised? Then you
haven't been paying attention.

..."The new Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report says
there is 90% certainty that the burning of fossil
fuels and other human activities are driving climate
change."... Read the global reaction to the report here.
Canadians, yet, are expecting the coldest winter in
15 years. Precipitation is harder to predict reliably,
but Toronto called in the Army January, 1999
to help with unexpected heavy snowfall.
It seems to me that other areas in
in the "contiguous" United States
are having the coldest winter
of 15 years, as well.
What IS to become
of the humans we
know as us when the
world turns upside down?
Are we to accept that - just maybe-
my thoughts as a kid that involved our
fair state being a tropical paradise might
become reality? As humans, we have been
recording the temperature since 1880 and have
recently "discovered" that global climate
changes occur more often than we
thought. Before technology had
hold of our train of thought,
our forefathers would
probably say, "Looks
like a cold winter comin' on
like the one we saw in (enter any year
data here - like '94)." I'm thinking about
ignorance being bliss, here. If we didn't know
so much about what ACTUALLY happens, we
could accept the change(s) with a "take it like
it comes" attitude - as we did before more
than simple knowledge. Now look at us-
do we think we know it all? Let's all
put numbers in a hat and draw
for the answer.

this world seems so big sometimes...

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Stan said...

Yep, Global Warmng is upon us, I am seeng the trend. In the ten years we have lived in our home, the snow piles from plowing are the highest that they have been in the ten years of recorded history. Just today, I saw on the news that the experts at the Natinal Hurricane Center have determined that the last two years we have seen less hurricane activity in the gulf coast due to global warming. Katrina was the last of the big ones, two years ago when they went through the alphabet in naming them. Their explanation for the curtailment of hurricances is because the Atlantic Ocean temperatures have raised one (1) degree. This rapid raisng of water temperature creates "wind shear" which is also known for downing aircraft. The wind shear created by the warmer water enters the atmosphere and disrupts the circular pattern of the hurricane, literally blowing them a part and reducing them to tropical storms. If we could get all of the ocean waters to increase by two additonal degrees, perhaps we could eliniate not only hurricanes but also typhoons, williwaws, walliwallis, tornadoes, gale warnings and perhaps even small craft advisories. I take all of this Global Warming theories into consideration, but I also consider the known facts. Today in Lincoln, Nebraska it had a high temperature of 21 degrees and a low of 6 degrees. On the same date in 1932 the temperature was 20 degrees which was fair and warm. My great "Uncle Charles and father rode buckskin colt, going to break him. Roan cow had a bull calf in the afternoon" according to my fathers diary. In the 76 year span the difference in high temperature was one degree in the area of Lincoln. In a nutshell, using this known fact, if global warming had an affect in this rapid increase in a one degree temperature change in 76 years, that means when I am 138 years old, we will see an additonal degree in the warming trend. To make my point so you will have something to relate it to, your lovely wife and my daughter will be going on her 111th birthday and your daughter, Taylor will have just celebrated her 90th birthday. Don't forget to get them something nice, perhaps an interior thermonater so they will not have to go outside to see how cold it is.

Stan said...

Plumma, Global Warming, BS! They just revised the 4:00 pm weather forecast, Anchorage is now under Blizzard Warning, Kenai Peninsula is under a heavy snow warning, calling for 6 - 12 inches, heavier in the Homer bluff area. It is snowing here as I speak and the old Doppler is looking bad - green all around the scope on the Bristol Bay, Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound radar screens. However, we also know how weather forecasters can be wrong. As I am plowing tomorrow, convince me one more time we are going through GW!

Stan said...

Your blizzard warning has now been cancelled, must have been a slight change in global warming, they posted it at about 8 pm and removed it just before midnight. Someone at the weather center must have been jumpy! However, we still have a heavy snow warning on the peninsula.

j, d plumma said...

Predicting precipitation rate is something completely different - and more difficult - than a temperature guess. The Arctic Ocean has raised in temp by a couple of degrees - 29, now - and could add to the melting of ice fields due to increased evaporation. The coldest numbers from past temp. records has been taken interior in AK and not along the coast, like Barrow.
Although the "average" temp. has increased in some places, it has decreased in others. Now, I shall call this phenomenon "Global Abatement Proliferation", or, G.A.P. - like what's between the ears of those who have it "all figured out"... As far as precipitation goes, I'll leave the predicting to Jackie.

Stan said...

G.A.P., I love it! The weather bureau definitly blew this one. The Doppler Radar showed the precip, but it surely did not show up. Even with our heavy snow warning of 9 - 12 inches, we got almost 2 inches, dependent on what ruler you are using. I am going to develop my own way of predicign weather and global warming indicators. I think the secret lies with the animals, will have to observe a little closer and take notes.

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