Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our Lady of Liberty

So majestic and proud to stand for freedom,
the Statue of Liberty stands in NY harbor and
is our country's omnipresent symbol of freedom.
We know her instantaneously, an American
reflex built in since kindergarten.
Respect and admiration are
shown when viewing this
great monument to
our nation.

"Our Lady" seems to take
on a different image when taxes are
going through the minds of fellow Americans
- at least here in LA. She has seemed to have
a totally different persona when I've seen
her walking the streets and I'm not sure
the picture that has been implanted
in my mind is altogether healthy.

The shame, I guess, is hard to bear.

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Heidi said...

I think he is hiding, not cold, if I remember correctly, it was really warm that day.

Stan said...

You surely do have some strange people living in LA. Why don't they get jobs,then they can pay more taxes, then we can get a bigger rebae in May / June. Just think, if that rebarte check does come through as proposed and on schedule in May - everyonbe can take a monthg off from mid May through mid June and spend the entire month at the HITW!

Anonymous said...

just checking the "anonymous" commenting capabilities.....

Anonymous said...

i would tell myself to "shut my piehole", but the voices in my head already throw rocks at me.

Stan said...

It was great to hear from Kymber this morning! Really appreciated the phone call. Just wanted to let you know, it is coming your way. Currently, light snow falling and the front is just now 18 miles south of Kenai, moving right on up the inlet. The heavier concentration of snow remains south of us on the Alaska Peninsula and should be impacting this area later this evening - don't expect much, possibly 2 - 5 inches. This is your adisory as of 1504, Sunday and what ever date it is - being retired, it is difficult to determined the exact date of the month. Days are easier to track based on t.v. programs.

Stan said...

At the tone of the bell, the time will 2310 BONG! BONG! BONG!. As predicted, total accumulation is currenty 5-6 inches and still snowing lightly with the front continuing to move up from Kodiak into Cook Inlet and north. Looks like a good day tomorrow to push snow, I need the practice! Where I will put it that is the question. Next year, I am going to keep a "snow" road carved across rhe rear lawn and just push all of it into the HITW. We should have snow year around, the kids could go sledding in July! Might have to dig a tunnel into the Moose Wallow. I really do not know what you did before we established our personal weather station in Anchor Point. How did you keep track of the weather inthe "old" days?

j, d plumma said...

No threat of snow in LA, yet. It may all drop into the inlet before the storm reaches us.
The best way to predict the weather?

When the raven crows and the frogs croak the weather will be humid and oppressive. When the donkeys' bray are louder than usual then it is going to rain.

Stan said...

I really do wish that the city of LA would do their share and pull their own weight. No sales tax, relying on the state governement to provide those services that the majority of Alaskan's pay sales tax to have those services. However, if they would just take an equal amount of snow that the rest of the state has to contend with would help the entire state. Is it fair representation that I should have snow berms eight foot high when my grand daughters in Anchorage (LA) do not even have enough snow to go snow boarding? The majority of the young people in Alaska live in Anchorage, hang out in the malls or sit on the couch and play video games. Take your share of snow, kick them all outside with their sleds, skiis, and snow boards and they will not only enjoy it, but they will get their daily excercise and meet the federal manadate on the War of Obesity. I think I can speak for all of us on the Kenai Peninsula and Mat-su Valley, we will gladly share our snow with you so you can have your dog races and an authentic Fur Rondy. Even in Anchor Point, we have to call ours a SNOW Rondi! This last storm front that we got a good dump, I watched that storm move right up the inlet to Anchorage, yet you get very little snow. But, I have finally figure why that is. Anchorage Global Warming (AGW) the number of high rises, shopping centers and the millions of street lights along with the exhaust of thousands of cars has developed a "greenhouse affect" similar to an unbrella over the LA area. The damm snow is melting before it hits the ground. To confirm this, last night I"hacked" into the radio transmisisons of commercial airliners making their final appoach to LA International. Each airline was reporting moderate to heavy snow falls at the 765 to 1200foot ceiling. The control tower was reporting dry runways at the same time. If LA wants more snow, shut out your lights, car pool or equip your bike with chains. Share the Spirit, Share the Snow.

j, d plumma said...

That's more words than I'VE put on my blog for some time.
I think that you would have plenty of support in that campaign to turn the lights out in our "City of Lights"! There is, simply, just so much action in this "Largest in AK" town to keep the snow spinning above in the currents. Snowing in your area is just so YOU get exercise instead of watching dogs play with balls.

Stan said...

Hey, where is B.B. (Bloggin Buddi)?

Shana said...

Hey I saw a red one the other day...makes Ol' Uncle Sam look like a common thief...but what if...all the green statues were chasing the red one through the streets of LA...I would pay to see it...and the proceeds could go to pay our high utility costs!

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