Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been busy...

Just working on my political poetry.

Through tough, trying campaign,
the politicians go.
Is that Global Warming rain,
or, still just simple snow?

It's hard to choose the one I want
picking is getting slim.
Fed up with debate and taunt,
I might just write in "Jim"(Nabors)

It's clear the nation wants a change
but we're not sure of what.
A darker man or woman strange
would really fit the cut.

Is this a cloud within our mind?
must color and sex stand out?
Will we choose our leader blind
so certain groups don't pout?

It is important to our race
To hold all men the same.
If we chose just to save face
Will we still be to blame?

To all you take-down-noters
The media draws a boast
“Black” and “Woman” voters
are the votes that count the most.

Two NEW, different voices!
It, simply, is quite cunning.
To dwell on two of our choices –
Are republicans even running?

I hate to think our choice is made
For color – not for merit.
Could blurry vision make us fade?
I just can’t seem to bear it.

To look for random change at blink
Is our time being well spent?
If I was a black woman, I think
I’d run for President!


3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Hey, good to have you back, figured that you had been busy plumming around. Great prose, I knew eventually you would comment on our poitical situation, I just have to figure out who you are going to endorse! You did do a great job in defining the political puzzle that we are currently going through - some very unlikely bed partners! It is going to get better over the next five days until Super Tuesday! I might even go to Caucas this year, I understand they have free donuts! Great poem!

Shana said...

Wonderful sentiments exactly...wanna vote for Jesus with me?? Now that would show em...not even an American! I to am listening and waiting...for one of them to say something smart...or maybe it is the psychology of our media...either way...come November we will know.

Stan said...

Have re-read your poem several times, that is really good. thank you.

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