Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our catfish seems hungry this time of year

I have been trying to find the correct name of our catfish species. Fish stores will put about any shortened, nick-named term on the sale tank and I don't even remember THAT name from Adam's. The link represents what I THINK "Stanley" will look like when he's grown to maturity.
He is, now, about 6" in length ( not incl. whiskers ) nose to tail. He has lived with us for a couple of years and has eaten many fish whom he did not consider "pets", I suppose. Even after eating all 6 new additions to the 55 gallon tank ( including 2-pictus catfish(2" long), 2-rosey barbs(1"), and 2-pink,kissing gouramis(2")), he still managed to come out from under his rock to eat the krill, that I feed, the next day. His "pets" include a black-tail bala shark(4"), a pearl gourami(3"), a Nicaraguan cichlid(2"), 2-lemon tetras, 3-zebra barbs, 4-danios, 2-giant danios(3"), and a 5" angelfish...the rest, he eats. Photos to follow. I have no idea how big he could get, but catfish can live a long time - 20 years? He's 3 ...I'm happy he has pets.

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Heidi said...

You actually got him to come out of his rocks to pose? Amazing

Shana said...

he was hanging another poor fishey over the rock to make fatso move...I hear these dudes can weigh over 10 pounds with in five years of age...but dont worry about food bills for him you still have two rats and a fish eat anything!!

Shana said...

When did I leave the above comment?

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