Sunday, February 19, 2006


I was drawing pictures (digitally) for the production of greeting cards in '04. quite a few pics were patented in card form in my name and hers. I don't even like some of the drawings, but they have my signature as well as the ones I like. As a signature is a legal copyright, I have legal right to possess, distribute, publish, and sell my art in original form. The patent gives me some legal pull on the 30 CARDS if sold, published, etc., doesn't it?
The fact that my name appears in the "copyright" note on the back of these cards gives me peace of mind. I see no signature to my characters, they seem to have been traced (poorly) out of their original environment by some neanderthal program(s) (guessing...a...commodore64 koala pad?), the background is something different - kodak disc photos, maybe? Or, no! 110!?, and yet my name is listed to what? Avoid legal controversy? Has she not sold any cards? If so, why wasn't I informed? I wasn't even notified that my name was published online with these cards. To the left is "Birdie". See any resemblances? Any pictures I have on line now have an image brand to further prove their ownership. You can't be too careful.

"bad publicity is still publicity" doesn't mean it's gonna work for me here! Does it?

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Shana said...

WOW!! Did she actually publish your cards? Well the original card was traced using a lighted lamp desk that allowed her to sit infront of the TV while she traced, multitasking. Then she scanned the pic she traced to the comp. and cut and pated the mountains in the back. I watched her do this with a few of your cards. Sorry I did not say something sooner I thaought once we cut ways she gave you your things back...that so sucks....what a wench.

JD Plumma said...

a leeter has been sent - with delivery notification - to SickerInk with my dismay and requests/demands regarding my art. Aren't those preschool level tracings? I wonder how much ink she has used in that sweet printer to "dial in" her crap (at $400 a color set). I don't imagine she has sold much - if any - of these cards of little taste and quality.

Shana said...

they are lousey art...but look at the source...someday she will have to answer for her wrong doings just like the rest of us...dont let it eat you...those of us that love you know you would never allow anyone to see something you have done if it were of this quality.

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