Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Was it REALLY frost!?

Last year, I believe the first frost was on the 30th of Sept.
Although light, we've had one, already. I was awake at 6 AM
then next morning after a clear night to catch the frosting in picture.
Nothing. I think it was 40 degrees. Then, it rains all night -
every night - for the last few days. And to think I need to
connect some roof drains out at the airport. That may wait til next week.
The record low temp. for today - in history (LA) - was 15 degrees!
I don't suppose you've looked at Doppler photos recently? I know
that current pictures of the North Pole scream of global warming,
but we need not forget the earth and her many cycles.

We should all be aware of the preparations being made for
the next ice age. Next thing you know, we'll be "saving" whales
from ice fields.

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Stan said...

Sorry to hear that you have had so much rain, has been nice here for several days. 1st frost in the AR valley wason 8/26 - since then we have had three solid occurances at the house, including one very good freeze last night - however, we are ready for winter - almost! Cleaned out my drains yesterday so I do not have the same problem that you have - but hold on, will be in LA in a few days, I will bring my ladder, tool bnox and give you a helping hand.

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