Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fancy that!

These people didn't spend what I would have guessed on two
fancy sink bowls and faucets. They did their shopping online
and found the best deal on the wanted goods. I've seen some
pretty expensive fixtures that never looked as good as the two
$350 bowls you see here. Some expensive bowls are downright
- by even eccentric standards. Wooden sinks are available,

The faucet looks as if it's ready for a slice of pie "ala mode".
But that would just be messy.

Here's one my brother would appreciate. 14 lbs of brass and
nickel that retails for about $800 (hint : Don't expect it for

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Shana said...

I am sure glad I dont have to clean that bathroom...every time you wash you would splatter...eeewwww....and some people have way to much money with those faucets. Baxter says the shower was cool too...where is it?

Stan said...

I often wondered what Plimma's do on their time off, now I know they read magazines featuring the latest invovations in their industry. I guess it is good to stay abreast, never know when a customer will want something like this - I prefer the old "enameled wash pan" - no faucets to replace, no drain to un-plug, just open the door or window and through it outside. Come to think of it, the old "chamber pot" was not all that bad either. The Plumbing industry has come along ways over the years, thanks to our own Sir John Harrington.

Stan said...

P.S. The lady of the house said totell John, "your apple jelly was delicious and wonders when he next bnatch will be ready"?

Tormen Tagain said...

I think that with all your recent experimentation with cardboard boats that you should easily be able to get into the next wave of cardboard sinks. No more cleaning, just replace and throw the used one into the recycle pile. Let them pile up in the garage until space becomes an issue then tie them up with some plastic and use a batch of fossil fuel to cart them to the recycling center. When you get there they'll ask you to separate all the plastic from the cardboard, the "you've got to be kidding " will progress to violent cursing, the cops will show up to beat the living hell out of you and use a batch of fossil fuel to cart you to the tank for the night where you'll have to use the retrofitted cardboard sink in your cell instead of a stainless steel one, (so you can't hurt yourself).

whew! I don't think I'm ever leaving work early again if this is what happens to my brain when I do.

JD Plumma said...

The shower is still up on the hill - in that one house - but I have a few pictures.
Sir John Harrington just gave new development to old ideas - as fixture engineers do today.
The apple jelly was syrup, and I only have about a pint left. The caramel apples, apple pie, and fresh-off-the-tree fruit was DELICIOUS this weekend, too. I don't think we have enough apples to syrup 'til next year, either. I AM making some more pickled coho, though.

And - cardboard IS a novel idea!

Stan said...

Apple Syrup, Apple Jam, Apple Jelly, Apple Butter it matters not what it is called as long as it is good on ice cream!

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