Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just For The Record

There was quite a bit of information left out of the story(ies) told of our trip to Redshirt. As any great fishing tale, the stories told are either exaggerated to color the tale or played down to discourage others of rifling the good spots.
The ground was frosted Saturday morn, but the ravine lakes were all open. Sunday afternoon, on our way
out,the little lakes were all frozen over. We saw the first full freeze of the winter in that area on October 22, 2006.

Our trip in, my truck keys were lost while fishing the small lakes along the trail in ravines. I dropped them out of my coat pocket while releasing a 40" monster - who swallowed them with gaping, toothy jaws. I stumbled on the bank - in shock of the incident - and the fish was dropped back in the water.
The small lakes being now frozen over - Sunday - it took longer to retrieve my keys than planned which took 3 ice holes, 7 lures, 2 cans of vienna sausage, 2 hours, 26 bullets, and our last 4 beers.
The keys could have been replaced, but the remote door lock is $50!! There is a lot of "hook-shy" pike in the woods and probably won't be fishable 'til spring '07.

I tagged the key-eating beast - as well as all his buddies we harassed with our sausages whilst key hunting - to find him next spring. I'll spend the winter designing lures from old keys.

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Stan said...

That is amazing that your caught the same fish that swallowed your keys, a day later! I wonder what the percentage of you accomplishing something like that were, it must be astronomical. You are really lucky that the fish did not try to pass them, with the pressure to pass them, it may have squeezed hard enough to push the button to unlock your truck and any one of the number of delinquents that dwell in LA could have stole your truck! You are one very lucky person that you did not have to explanin losing your keys to a fish to your spouse - but I am sure you would have made up a better story to tell her than dropping your keys into the lake - like a squirel running off with them or a raven flying off with them. But, alas, you were sucessful in recovering them. I have a bunch of keys that I will donate to your "lure collection", I have always found out that a good "lure" is the "key" to sucessful fishing.

JD Plumma said...

Do you really think I had no better story than, "We dragged a 1000 + lb. canoe miles into the woods and accomplished nothing but polishing our beer."? I wasn't about to lose my keys to a smelly, toothy, neanderthal water dweller.

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