Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's been o'er a month

...since the last post on site
and it seems to have left this spot in a blight.

With great words of wisdom and dry country wit,
I've missed posting steady for those who read it.

Which includes, not limited to, a misguided few
who sit at their house with very little to do.

To those that sit bored and seek steady new things
who have likely hooked up with more interesting pings:

My mind has been elsewhere and wandering 'round.
Wasting time building sidewalks in a virtual towne.

And some of you know Trenchknife and RamdaggerII
It's been long since i parted my way from those two.

They took lots of time from a schedule that's thin.
I don't know how I got mixed up with that again.

Anyway, to just say, hope you have a good day.
May you find peace and wisdom in what you do and say.

There's a bundle of knowledge on the web you can see.
If you want truth without stretch, please don't count on me.

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I know you sit with stop watch in hand to see how long someone is going to discover your posting! I can see how busy you have been, farming takes up a lot of time. Up before daylight to milk and in from the fields after dark.

RangerBill said...

welcome back, missed you, you should have a degree in city management by now. You are very poetic

RebelWriter said...

It is true to be said, that I read this when there is nothing in my head.
But the pure pleasure, to be gained by the humor and talent you measure:
Must be admitted, makes me committed

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