but this Jewel Cichlid of mine
dropped out of our physical realm just
Saturday - after watching him age for the
last month. He was about 9 years old which
was the longest I ever had a Cichlid. Most of
them died over water conditions or other extreme
unfortunate measures such as being eaten by another tank dweller.

This fish (with no real name in his life) lived
through a serious variety of conditions that
includes a 3-month long algae bloom in which
everything else (even the 14" pleco.) died
but him. He lived through a catfish named
Stanley, a gar, clown knife, numerous cichlids,
and many, many, many guppies and minnows.
He actually knew too many fish to count in
his short 9 years in my tank. I already miss
him. Not like missing a dog, but like missing
one button on a shirt. He was a jewel.
So I threw him out with the trash.
WELL?! He was too big for a proper "flush"
burial and I just couldn't watch the mollies
tear him apart .

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Stan said...

Not wishing anyone bad luck, specially my own family but I always like a plan, I believe in the 7 P's. If something should happen, we promise, we will not just throw you out in the trash! Don't get any ideas about me either! You could have at least froze him in your deep freeze, then come planting season, put him in your corn patch! An old trick I learned from the Indians when I lived with them

jd plumma said...

i don't even think plants would eat his skank tush after aquarium life. like i don't eat city trout..?

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