I was hoping for a sunny weekend to check out
one certain lake North of our town of LA.
I checked current radar images for the area to
"guess" the weather - as a wise Eagle has taught me.
It looks as if there might be squalls of rain through
the day and the storm front could intensify if conditions
of surrounding currents change. The winds should
lessen - what little there is - but the outlook for
precipitation holds steady at 50-60% chance.

The biggest factor pulling at my thoughts
is that trout on my hook have been few this year.
I guess I was spoiled by timing and circumstances
for 2009 being the best trout experiences
of my fishing habits. So, I looked over my
blog posts from one year ago, on this day,
and I was bragging about the Coho fishing.
It was the next coming weeks that rainbows
hit so well. It might be worth going out in the rain.


I am usually forgetful enough to not recognize a birthday
(or two) until it has come and gone like my Father's, I'm sorry to say.
Today is lucky for me (selfish - i know) that I can wish a special Lady
a merry day and let her know I'm thinking of her without the guilt of
belated phone calls and such.

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Stan said...

That was really special wishing your mother a Happy Birthday as you rushed out the door to go fishing! At least, you could have invited her to go fishing with you! Have a good day on the water and good luck with your fishing. It is 3:37 am, guess what I am waiting for!

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