Friday, July 30, 2010

summer, 2010

Although the summer is fleeting
and Chinook near end of run,
there comes a time of river beating
for a freezer full of fun.

Their scales will glue on eyes of rod,
their slime upon my reel.
Pictures taken with a nod
the fun is most surreal.

With morning dew laid on my back
i walk down to the stream.
Just as dawn prepares to crack
the reel begins to scream.

I watched it jump and let it run
and course against the drag.
'twas hooked in lower left - was done
with beads and yarn (as tag).

Only one thing would be greatly missed,
even with the great Coho.

'tis catching o'er eighteen inch fish
in a familiar lake with 'Bow.

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Stan said...

Good prose and some good pictures, like the one with the young fisherperson. Did the Rainbow come out of your secret spot? Moose has been looking for some of those Coho's, Anchor last night and scheduled for Deep Creek early this morning. I will wait a cou0le of days and wander down to pick up a limit. Did I ever tell you about that 16.5 pounder that I took in the Anchor River?

Stan said...

HMH doing very well on desired specie, two trips at least a dz fish ~ cannot elaborate ~ classified. Has stocked supply of desired bait.

Stan said...

Bring your silver gear!

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