Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Was it worth picking up ?

I would figure this 4 piece rod to be a circa 1910-1930 vintage.
An alloy-lined steel, 6'-6" spinning rod with cork handle,
nickle - soldered guides with amber glass, brass ends at sections.
The handle is bent a little and the cork chipped, but the only other
flaw is a few chips on the paint. You would
never guess what I paid for it.

Biggest question(s);

1 - What is the value of this cute little rod?
2 - Should I be fishing with it?

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

2nd Question First: NO
1st Question: You got a good find, will need to research "Defiance", I could not make out the other lettering in the photo as to manufacturer. The brass ferrules and soldered guides indicate that it is old, however, what you have (without seeing it in person) it is actually a casting rod and not spinning rod. As indicated by the small eyes on the rod, especially the stripper guide. The era as it it appears was prior to the invention of the spinning reel. Again, without touching and looking at it closely, it could possibly be an early era pack rod and combination fly rod and casting rod based on the length. It it is a combo, the cork handle at the base of the reel seat should disengage, reverse it and slide the butt into the reel seat to change it into a fly rod. I have several combo rods in my collection. Regardless, a very good find, hang it on the wall and let your grandchildren admire it. Or, your other option is that I will give you $5.00 over what you paid for it! :)

jd plumma said...

The entire lettering reads:

alloy lined steel joints
Made in U.S.A.

No other lettering is on this rod. The handle base does not detach that I am aware of. I was scared to see if the "fourth" piece was just stuck in the base by forcing it. That worked out well, of course.
Nearest I can tell, the rod is most likely circa 1910-1930 (the steel rod era). The previous owner had no stories about it for me, either ={
The closest match I have found is on ebay for $10,
and only 49 3/4" with a threaded reel seat. My seat is not threaded.


He claims a 1907 patent by Horrocks - Ibbotson Co.
on his rod and is looking for bids.
I chanced upon this rod AND an Eagle Claw 6'-6", 4-piece,PK200 "pack It" together for $20 cash.

Stan said...

Does the metal butt cap on the handle remove so you can insert the butt section into that end of the handle to make a fly rod? H-I Company was a early rod and reel builder, later bought out and name changed. You got a good deal, well worth it just to hang onto it. If you want to start collecting, I know this guy that has several hundred pieces of antique tackle, rods, reels that he might part with to the right person and $$$$$$

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