Friday, August 28, 2009

I wake at 4 (AM, mind you) each morning

and think, "I should go fishing" and do.
These city fish taste 'bout good as
peninsula fish, I reckon.

Cohos are filling most streams, you know.
And it is difficult to not go. I have more
smoked coho from Campbell Creek -
just finished smoking early today.

I think, tomorrow, I will try something new -
I will try to not go by sleeping instead.

(brand name of smoker blurred because they wanted
fifty bucks just to ship us a twenty dollar dryer fuse - jerks)

Now, one more smoking and another
(with sea lice, still) got "ziplocked"
with water and went to the little
deep freeze to eat this winter.

I even wore my "country" trousers for the smokin'.
Actually, they went fishing this morning and
worked the day out, then cleaned fish...the
country probably wouldn't have 'em...
and neither should I.

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Stan said...

Good to see that you are getting some Silvers. Just finished up a batch of smoked Coho's, will go into the jars this morning. Fishing still slow, starting to wonder if we will have our run this year. It is getting late. As of 8/27 had a total of 1,286 Silvers through the weir compared to 4,337 a year ago on the same date. By the end of the weekend, if we do not see any improvement in the count I would think that our River Czar at F&G would seriously consider an emergency order shut down ~ but is there any concern? The Silver Salmon have been overlooked for so many years in the management system.

jd plumma said...

Maybe the coho has been "overlooked" because they are difficult to predict. A question in my thoughts is - do silvers ONLY spawn in the stream they came from or will they spawn in nearby streams as well? The two coho I caught in a land locked lake have little or no reason to be there except the ditches and SMALL streams emptying it to the ocean are within 1 mile of Ship Cr., and, 4 miles from Campbell. This lake is, also, miles from shore with no apparent connection to either Ship or Campbell - by ditch, even. What guides the coho to their final dying place? Is CLOSE good enough?

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