Sunday, January 10, 2010


Along with a lot of effective and tactical uses,
bacon has proven many properties to be
beneficial to health and well being.
Yes, ladies. If you carry guilt for
your children not having the
intelligence enough to tie
their own shoes, maybe you
should have eaten more bacon.

The US of A is as well known as any country
(aside from Canada) for consuming our
share, plus, of bacon in a year's time.
Although differences in styles, many
other countries indulge regularly, also.
A lot of bacon in Russia is eaten raw
in different ways such as sliced with
cheese and bread/crackers, or used to
wrap cheeses/scallops, etc.
Then there is salo.
Cured, unrendered pork fat that is
eaten on breads, etc., thinly sliced.
Not having eaten this personally,
"It's like bacon, only bacon is delicious
and has meat on it and is cooked."

I'm sure we all take bacterial chances in
what we eat from time to time, so raw
bacon should be low cause for worry
if you sometimes eat sushi, ice cream,
egg nog, lemon flips, or even........
( cookie dough)..... Just the tolerance of
raw egg bacteria should allow you to
indulge in a taste of this product if
the opportunity arose. I would.
Just don't eat the soap...

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Stan said...

How did you sneak two posts in on the same day with different dates, I checked your site this am and there was no "new" posting. Isn't that little button neat that you can punch in the date and time and no one ever knows when you actually wrote it ` I use the timer a lot to make people think I stay up until 3:00 am spreading my "witty wisdom", Oh, we are suppose to comment on your subject. I like bacon, I have eaten raw bacon, bacon is good, I like the extra thick bacon. You know bacon come from pigs? I just thought of a bacon story I need to tell you, perhaps best in person so I do not get sued for defamation of character.

Stan said...

Oh, hell ~ I will tell the story! A few mornings ago I went to the Anchor River Inn for the "coffee clutch". After a couple cups of coffee, I thought I might have a little breakfast. The breakfast special was a split biscuit and gravy, two eggs, and your choice of two strips of bacon or two sausage links. As I have done in the past, I ask the waitress if I could substitute the meat for one patty sausage. Again, in the past my request has always been honored. When my breakfast was delivered, the waitress was livid! "Stan, you do not have to accept this", "I would return it" ~ after my laughter and everyone sitting around me stopped laughing and not wanting to offend anyone in the kitchen, I said, "No, I will eat it as I continued to laugh". True to the special, there was one biscuit split in half and something that resembled sausage gravy spread on top, it was tinted yellow in color and had "pizza" sausage, the little balls chopped up. The over medium eggs that were ordered had that gooey white stuff running out of them. The patty sausage is what caused all of the laughter. It was about 1/4 of an inch thick, possibly compressed under six hundred pounds of pressure, however it was cut in half ~ I only received half a patty. It was cut in half, after it was cooked because the cut edge was not dark brown like the rest of the patty. Then the jokes started as to what happened to the other half ~ it was determined that it would be on the lunch special. I ate most of the meal because it was so stupid. Unknown to me, the "restaurant manager" was cooking that morning. He just happened to stroll into the bar as I was eating my breakfast. As he passed me, he hesitated and I looked over at him and said "I would like to compliment you, this is the worst breakfast I have ever had". He replied, "well thank you, we try to do our best" I replied, "Nate, you did not hear me clearly, this is the worst breakfast I have ever had, not the best". After the laughter died down, his only comment was that his menu calls for two ounces of meat, the patty sausage was over weight and had to be reduced. A few minutes later,the word came from the kitchen that the new policy would be "no more substitutions! The debate continues at the inn as to what happened to my other half of sausage.

Stan said...

We need to start a campaign on how to save "Blog Land" ~ perhaps have a raffle! So many more advantages to blog than post on "my space".

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