Thursday, December 20, 2007

Egg Nog - "his story"

is related to
various milk and
wine punches that had been
concocted a while back in the "old world".
Rum - in colonial America - was termed "grog" and
commonly used (instead of the wine). The descriptive
term became "egg and grog", and developed into
"egg nog" for short. There are more than a few
versions about the drink and the name,
though.Some believe the drink
originated with Spanish
sherry and milk -
what the Brits called
"Dry sack posset" and was,
most likely, served in
small, wooden
mugs called "noggins" . This, too, could have
contributed to the name of "egg and grog in a noggin".
Not needing said,
the term "egg nog" is a
lot easier to order after
a couple of these have been ingested. There
are quite a few cocktail drinks that
use egg as part of the mixture
if one tires of the
common ;

Rompope (Mexican egg nog)

Pisco sour


Most commercial establishments
will not serve due to liability.

With a few of these around Christmas to
relieve the business that involves giving,
they might not put me back in "the box"
by New Years Day.

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Stan said...

That is what I like about your site, you are always so full of it, information that is. I actually learned something this morning! So with Matanuska Dairy folding up, the last shipment of egg nog left their facility on Thursday. I am going to use my noggin today and go to town and get some nog then tonight since I have an abundance of rum, I will have egg grog and not the orinary nog with rum that I have been enjoying, by Saturday morning, my noggin will probably feel like I should have not drank so much egg grog but I heard if you eat a raw egg without the milk and grog your noggin will feel better. Not to throw a winch in the egg grog or egg nog if you want a different taste which I have developed a likeness, is very hot egg nog with a shot of Irish cream. Being of Irish descent, I would have thought you would have discovred that. Why is it that we can only get Egg Nog or Egg Grog at duringthe holiday season. Is it against the law to make it the other 329 days of the year? Also discovered, "Ben and Jerry's' cinnamon Buns ice cream tonight! Now a wallp of that in a cup of hot nog would be good - but alas, Dutch and I ate it all tonight. Good morning to you, I am off to tuck myself between the sheets. I think we may have missed the predicted heavy snow fall and perhaps, will not have to plow. Make sure you lay in a supply of nog, I have the grog.

Stan said...

Wow, with my comments the size it is, I will not need to blog this morning.

j, d plumma said...

The egg and groggin'
must've affected your noggin.

Shana said...

egg grog...egg still makes custard when you heat it up....and it tastes yummy with rum....or brandy....mmmmm time to grog...or nog...or blog.....

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