Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've seen it snow below zero temp.....

But it's not likely. Looks like I'm going to have to make
some snow after all? 7 days 'til Christmas, now, and the
shopping (if not done(Stan)) will be a bit more effort. I
like to hit the mall just before the doors open when it's
so close to "the day". Do you know what Diamond Center
looks like at 9 AM on Saturday? About 100 people and

I do. About 11 AM, you can watch a steady stream of
cars rolling in to the parking lot and, by noon, most of
the parking spaces are full
with cars waiting to use a
spot when the previous
"tenant" is still packing
trunk with goods.
I love people in general.
This is why I go early - to not
get into the typical holiday
frenzy full of elbows and
bent fenders and, maybe,
still love people?
Sometimes you have to get
creative with the parking -
minding the "compact only"
spots, of course.
I have started carrying a
parking lot survival kit
when I HAVE to go
out shopping this late.

The kit is in 3 parts;

PART 1 - "the list"

  • Matches or Lighter
  • Small Amount of Cotton Wool
  • Wire Saw
  • Magnesium Block and Flint Striker
  • Needles & Thread
  • Surgical or Razor Blades x 2
  • Candle (small candle or tea light)
  • Fish Hooks and Line (just a few hooks, weights, and
  • about 20 metres of 20lb line)
  • Snare x 2
  • Condom (ideal as a makeshift water carrier)
  • Button Compass (Silva do a very good one)
  • Snare Wire
  • Small First Aid Kit (to include a selection of plasters,
  • pain killers, antihistamine tablets, tweezers, potassium
  • permanganate and water sterilizing tablets.
  • Sense of Humour
(obviously explained items)

PART 2 - add (1) shovel in case the pick
doesn't break the glass;

PART 3 - The necessary purse/pocket tool
to enable access to the other kits in the trunk.

It even has a can opener. You can finally have the
moon roof you always wanted! It would allow
access when your door is corner-blocked by a
1973 station wagon with the wood-look panels...
in a compact spot.

Regardless of any grief I hear or see, I'll just
open a door for someone, say "thank you" to the
clerks who are putting up with less caring moods
and just took my money, and whistle a tune
(or four) when the parking lot is backed up 10
minutes just to exit. My spirit is high and it is
hard to wipe a stupid grin from my face when
I see someone else in a cheerful, considerate
mood. Maybe you made me smile today.

Merry Christmas to all - especially those in our
thoughts who won't be seen before the year is

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Stan said...

A super survival kit, but when I got to the condon I was somewhat taken back until I read it's practical purpose. (Side bar)I went to buy some the other day and they wanted to see my I.D., first my cigarettes, now my privacy) Your sense of humor is showing and that is a good thing! However, after reading your blog, I am only assuming that not many chores were completed at homestead tonight, it took you some time to compose this posting - but it was worth it and brought a smile on this cold winter night :)

Stan said...

Good morning Plumma, coffee pot on yet? Just thought I would check, I could go for a cup of cofee and a handfull of peanut butter balls right now. All I have is Cherry Chocolates and Cherry Chocolate Kisses.

Shana said...

I too prefer to shop before noon in this town especially near Christmas. it may take you awhile to pack that kit but sounds like you thought of everything and then some...Quickest way to get a parking spot at the mall...ride the bus.

Stan said...

Coffee on?

Stan said...

Up yet? Grab a cup of coffee, been alot of blogging while youhave been sleeping. Might want to check out Ranger bill's site as well as your he lady buff - I think she is looking for you!

j, d plumma said...

I don't have the book!!

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