Sunday, December 16, 2007

Have I mentioned my Christmas bon-bons?

When I was younger (by a long shot), I loved
the peanut butter balls made by our friends,
the Martins. They were 1" to 1 1/2" diameter
with a coat of milk chocolate around them that
made me want to bite it. The peanut butter gut
that was wrapped had a mix of certain things and
it seemed to melt in my mouth without a chew or
much jaw pressure at all. One day, they told me
how the coveted balls were made and, from there,
I slightly changed a few things. Mostly the same
thing, though - chocolate-bathed chunks of the
smoothest sugary peanut butter mixture of
melt-in-your-mouth delight that leaves no
explanation of the term "chew" and has
slight variety of milk to extra dark for
a shell to hold the luscious guts in.
Happen to go very well with a mocha or hot choc.

merry christmas, yeah?

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Stan said...

I am assuming you are saving several dozens of these morsels should I appear on your doorstep in the near future? Enjoy the Christmas spirit by sharing, you will feel better! All warm and fuzzy as if you had just drank a triple mocha spiked with three shots of brandy.

Shana said...

hey! where did that tainted jar of peanut butter that was on Heidis desk go? You know the one from last Christmas.????

ain't my day to be poisoned said...

Peanut butter? tainted!? whaddayamean?
Not everything you read is the divine truth.
Not even FDA warnings with specific serial batch numbers...right?

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