Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's some gift-search thoughts;

A new tool? I think so. I couldn't find any
reference to anything like it on line, anyway. It is a
very easy-to-use shovel and could save back muscles
a lot of strain during winter months (provided snow actually
FALLS! And I don't have to make it!)

The Wovel
Some products have made encore marketing presentations
after a few decades so it's better to research before con-
sidering that something is "new". Like the "Bedazzler".
That, now, has another name but still on the market.
What about the bald spot head spray? How many
"anti-age deficit"(AAD) readers remember
that one from their childhood?
Oh! ADH..what was i..?
thoughtful gifts!
Stand up and pee like a man!
Pee standing up
would be a nifty joke gift for
a female giftee with a
sense of humor
or, camping
Might, actually,
be more sensible than making
ice cream with a yo-yo (for those that remember the ice cream ball from HITW)
caption"You shake it now...throw
it to me...shake it more..."
a build
staw kit.

You can learn
all kinds of things that
spur ideas for gift giving at
lots of places on line.

Anyhow you play it,
you should have no problem
researching any issue or question
as long as you have access to the web.
You, certainly, don't want to end up on the darwin awards.

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Stan said...

Good morning Plumma, just checkijng to see if you were on line - ordered the little lady one of those new snow scoops - that way she can still ride her excercise bike and shovel snow at the same time. Time to take a nap.

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