Saturday, January 16, 2010


What kind of machine has our country become?
Do you think those that needed "change"
enough to vote for our current leader
are, now, waking up wondering,
"what the h - e - dubble hokkee
stikks did we do?"

I suppose we should be grateful because,
like my daughter said, without a bad
guy, how can there be a hero?
Aside from the games wii play,
who wants the thankless position
of saving the world?

And, now, your uncle
can be a hero at games, too!

useful side tip : always read the menu carefully before ordering

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Stan said...

The picture is great, I wonder if that is an original or a product of photo shop? Still trying to figure out a useful purpose for the "machine", neat, nice workmanship but what is the practical purpose? I bet it is a product of our "stimulus" package funds and put someone to work in the design and craftsmanship in building it. It does not matter that is serves no practical purpose.

jd plumma said...

sounds as if you got fresh up on all the links. Who wouldn't want a box that turns itself off?!
The pic. of the birds was found online.....the first pic has no touch-up whatsoever - just a reflective view across glass.

jd plumma said...

did you catch the guy with the orangutan ?

Stan said...

Oh yes, I loved him ` that was funny. The orangutan did a great job, the love slap of the butt and smile at the end was super!

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