3 - 28 - 08 with 14 comments!
It counts, even if it was just two of
us conversing, right (and one spam)?

We should all be able to express our
views and voice our concerns openly.

That number will never come close
to other comment sections I've viewed;
One had 28 comments!
Another surprised me at 32 comments!
I'm not speaking of famous rock star,
movie star, or game app forum
comments. Some of these are personal
insight from close friends and family
who, if breathing (and coherent), are not
afraid to judge you on your blog alone.
It is still comforting to know that,
in our God-blessed US of A, we
have the right to voice an opinion
openly without persecution.

Not that it happens often, but we also
have the right to remain silent..
Thanks for viewing and commenting
to keep me entertained.

6 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I was just thinking of having some type of contest on my site to see if I could increase the number of hits. However,I could be giving away "stimulus checks" and not beat the record of 32 hits, let alone the number of hits on the screamers site. I really enjoy commenting on your site because I know I will not be judged as a idiot,verbose, B.S.er, or any other derogatory comment because you are open minded and willing to look at a topic from different sides of the equation without forming an opinion. On your site, I know I can just prattle on for long periods without my comments being deleted.

jd plumma said...

shut up

Stan said...

Does the "Plumma" need a group hug. Everyone, please send him a electronic hug! Huggies Buddy!

Stan said...

I really should win some kind of a prize, I am visitor number 2,7777 to your site. if I was in Vagas and hit that number the dollars would be spilling onto the floor, all I get from you is a ration of

jd plumma said...

I didn't REALLY mean shut up.
(...is a ration of...) what? mashed potatoes? fish and cheese?
I suppose it may have been hard to tell if "shut up" was dry sarcasm or cynicism. Have a nice NOT Shut Up day, and Happy freedom of speech.

Stan said...

Hug :)

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