Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please Try to Remember The First of Octember!

Everything you want, everything
you dream, and everything you wish
for will come down for you on that
very day! I think the President
and his party(ies) must have a 13
month calendar including this
month that has been raved about.
$634 billion for a health plan that
would require $1 trillion (def: "an
indeterminately large number"
) before the
year 2010 ends. Is this really a plan?
Because we have no idea where it
would be justified/gained, I suppose
$366 billion would be found falling
from thin air into our wanting little
hands Octember first. A little
"scheme" to do with carbon dioxide
and industries shows the dream of
$645.7 billion in revenues in 2012.
If I estimate MY revenue in 2012,
I could purchase a vehicle for each
kid AND a new house outright. Now,
I'm going to go buy a new pickup truck
'cause I expect a lot of stuff will be
falling from the sky on the first.

I feel our leader(s) expect the same...

(definitions acquired from Merriam-Webster)

4 opinionated prattle:

Snow1 said...

what kind of truck?

Stan said...

Each day I awake, I am told about a new "lender assistance program", "stimulus plan", "new health bill", "new stop gap budget",and new fiscal year budget" the only common denominator that I can find in any of these program is the cost. Each of them within that 630 billion to 3.5 trillion range, give or take a 100 billion! I really get offended when someone speaks against these programs by comparing our politicians with "spending money like drunken sailors". At least as a drunken sailor, we had a little class and paid for what we drank with cash as we stimulated the local economy. Quite honestly, I have lost track of what, why, and how much the government is spending. Each day it is something new. This last step, the "stop gap budget bill",almost 9,000 pork barrel projects included in the bill. There is only three Senators and two House members that have not requested "special supplemental" funds. My favorite, 2.5 million to find out why pigs stink and a study on pig manure. I keep thinking that 40% of America will wake up and sat that is enough" but the silent majority remains quiet and continues to pay the bill.

Stan said...

Nice seeing you again Snow1, we meet in the strangest places.

jd plumma said...

I have only touched on a small part of the "budget"
proposed. If I touched it's entirety, I'm afraid we would all need a padded cell to contain the rage.

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