Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The roads, this morning, were brutal

Leaving the house earlier than
usual (knowing a slow trip would
be at hand), I ventured out to Tudor
thinking, "...must be isolated to
side streets..." when the 12,000 lb
beast I was driving kicked sideways,
to the left (my favorite). This being
a tough situation to handle at speeds
over 50 mph was no chore at 2 mph.
It was a beautiful icy glaze from
freezing rain through the night.

I was moving slow enough (sideways) that
a turtle dodged in and out of my path
(dropped his keys) without harm
befalling him and room to spare.
No less, out into the main road
I went. Traveling across town was
no better but speeds of 30 mph were
achieved twice. Another 15 minutes
and I could have been involved
in one of those transformer-mashing,
intersection-scooting, truck-rolling,
or bus-turning crashes that left
our fine little town almost still.
The roads are mostly wet slush,
now, and the buses are running
again. I can't wait for the big
wind storm expected!! Clear
dead branches from the trees!

Off to batten the hatches, mates,
and be sure the sleds are tied
down and truck is anchored.

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j, d plumma said...

Once again, the temperature listed to the left is LA airport reading(s). At our place the temp. is 41 degrees F. And - my truck is still stuck to the berm! Yay!

Stan said...

October / November rain storms in January, strange weather patterns from normal. Temps in the 40's down here as well, now if my weather observations are correct, I will behind the wheel of the snow plow for several days in another week or so. But the rain, wind and ice covered side roads did not deter the weekly Texas Hold'em tournament, although our players from Homer and Ninilchik failed to show. Understand that in the LA area, the greatest damage occurred by residents playing bumper cars, last news report I heard there was a 176 "reported" accidents. River is still holding firm, but the lake at the intersection of Beach and Old Sterling has potential as a Red Salmon stocking area.

Stan said...

Update since I actually got out of my recliner to check the status, the Anchor river is flowing a full head of water, a lot of it is flowing over the top of the ice for now. thought you might like to know in case you were thinking of going fishing.

j, d plumma said...

Considering the current river status, I will postpone this weekend's trip to the Anchor R. for fishing until a later date.

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