I know, I know. With the current
warming trend, you would figure
it's time to plant the garden and pull
the box of shorts and swimsuits
out of the closet.
Please refrain from rolling down the
lawn and starting a water fight with
the neighbor's kids. Although there
has been a significant change in
temperature, it is only 10 degrees
outside. This may feel like summer
in its early stage to some but has
little potential of developing for
another 4 months. Caution
should be used while having
thoughts of basking in the sun.

I might start
the truck in my bare feet, though.

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Stan said...

Tell me about that warming trend, we saw a dramatic jump from a high of +2 on Saturday jumping to a +6 on Sunday. Surely made me think about looking at seed catalogs. However, a second comment pertaining to your picture, I now know where those extra "bird blocks" went that I had set aside for future construction. You must not have seen the three signs posted "Save" "Save" Save"

Stan said...

It was so nice here today, I was tempted to push what little snow we have off the flower beds and plant spring bulbs. It was a balmy +25 degrees today.

FishTaxi said...

Now that the beer unfroze its beerable.

Stan said...

Just going through my news sources and thought I had best notify you in the event that you did not get the word. There is another Recall Ordered on Peanut Butter. Forty three states have reported finding cases of salmonella in peanut butter under the label of "King Nut" and "Parnell's Pride" both products of the same company. Peanut Butter of these two brand names with a Lot Code beginning with 8 should immediately destroyed. Would you please check your cabinets and make sure you do not have any contaminated peanut butter. I know it is tough, once you get labeled it is something you have to live with the rest of your life. I just wanted you know and to insure the safety of all.

j, d plumma said...

I wish I had seen that recall before Christmas...

Stan said...

One should always watch out for what they wish for, your headline referred to "Went to swim in the pond ----". Just checked my favorite weather report, Holy Crap! It has changed since 0600 this morning. This area is now posted for flood warnings in low lying areas, high winds and steady rain from now through Friday. Thinking that this must be an error, I flipped over to the Doppler radar, Double Holy Crap! Just like they are saying about the stock market, "why didn't they see this coming". Now I picture myself pumping out the HITW in the middle of January? Those Polar Bear that moved into the LA area are now going to get stranded ~ it will be ugly!

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