Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The bears are hibernating now - right?

Although bears may come out in the
winter now and then to eat and stuff,
it is rare to hear of a grizzly sighting
in our fine town of LA in January.
Polar bears - on the other hand -
are a different story. They don't
go into a state of "lethargy" as other
bears do and hunt on a regular basis.
I have read about rare cases of
polar bears moving inland on larger
land masses to find enough food
to survive. I was shocked, however,
to hear of sightings right here near
the coastal trail so well known.
There are a lot of critters in the
Point Campbell area that forage
for food, as well and would make
easy meal(s) for the northern beasts.

Further investigating the talk of
bears, I was almost speechless.
Signs have been posted in crucial
areas common to recreational use
that warn of the possible dangers
of polar bears sighted in the area.
DNIAL (Division of Northern
Immigrating Animals Laboratory)
reports show inland migration
and claim the tough hide of
this specie of bear needs a more
powerful rifle or pistol than
common to enforcement in cities.
Enforcement has reportedly tapped
next year's budget to purchase
50 caliber or larger weapons
should more sightings be recorded
and it becomes more of a public
safety issue.

Only 3 missing skiers reported
to date, but caution is recommended.
We don't want you to fall victim to
roaming bears. Be alert, travel in
at least pairs, check the trail
warning signs before venturing
out alone and don't leave home
without your 50 cal.

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Stan said...

Funny that you should make this posting today, Was going to make a similar posting. It is alright that you scooped me on this story, however, I have it from a very reliable source that works on the oil platform in Cook Inlet that they had some float ice pass the platform a week or so ago on the incoming tide, on that particular ice pack were three Polar Bears, these may be the same bears that are now being sighted in the La Bowl area.

j, d plumma said...

I hope that "town" isn't becoming their forte. I don't even OWN a 50 cliber weapon!

Stan said...

As much ice as there is in Cook Inlet right now, they have a super highway right into the downtown district of LA. would suggest that everyone keep an eye on their dogs and the walking trails, you think the wolves were bad last winter. They do not even come close to stalking and attack tactics of the Polar Bear. I have read stories of hunters stalking Polar Bear by following their tracks in the snow, only to discover to late that the bear had circled them and was indeed tracking them.

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