Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What do we have?

What's this, I mean?
The temperature says minus seventeen?
That's across town, see?
If you're asking me,
at my house, it is minus twenty-three.
What did you say?
You want to play?
Maybe tomorrow - not today.
So many enrage,
I just turn the page
and venture out into our New Ice Age.
Without quite the heart,
For work I depart.
I only hope the truck doth start.

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Stan said...

Cute poem. Despite the cold weather, you must always be prepared for a shock. The old Explorer set in the yard for three days without being started. Keep in mind, that we are talking a battery that is several years old. Last winter, had to jump start it several times. The little lady went to start her car the other morning to go to the post office. I remained in the house knowing that she would be back shortly and I would have to adorn my foul weather gear and once again jump start a battery that should have been replaced. As predicted, she returned in a very short time and I braced myself for the answer to my question "Did it Start?" Reply, "oh yea, on the first try". Now, the ole plow truck is another unknown, it has not been started since Christmas day.

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