"Since 1980, there has been an advance of more than
55% of the 625 mountain glaciers under observation
by the World Glacier Monitoring group in Zurich. (From
1926 to 1960, some 70-95% of these glaciers were in retreat.)"
Laurence Hecht

The "best-measured" glacier in North America, the
Nisqually on Mount Rainier, has been growing since 1931.

Wait a second. Did that say, "...ice age is imminent"?!
I think I've uttered this statement before but it would
be hard to take a plumber's word for it - right?
Not like half of the God-blessed U.S. of A.
didn't for the Presidential race, ya know?
"Oodles" of new (and, old) studies not being
ignored, or hidden by choice, are a serious
eye-opener for those who have fallen over
themselves to thwart our global warming
"crisis" by driving hybrids, cooking with
electricity to eliminate "propane and
propane accessories" and put their stock
dollars on "Carbon Offsets". Quite frankly,
NASA has been taking global temperatures
since the late 70's with analysis scheme
designed by James Hansen. They probably
have a CLUE what has been going on for
climate change(s) for the last 4 decades.
They wouldn't lie, or, withhold pertinent
information from the public...cricket...

Aah, whatever the globe does this year,
we will just have to choose between making
the best of it, and, looking for the worst.
I will enjoy what fun the snow can offer
(when it warms a bit) and look forward to a
water fight in the yard come July.
The temperature at 8 AM, here, was -18* F.
Maybe the New Ice Age IS coming, but
make the best of 2009, will ya?

5 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I totally agree with your assessment of he Ice Age vs Global Warming. The only sign of "global warming" that I have seen is when I am sitting in front of my heater, then I only need to step outside to realize that there is a great deal of merit pertaining to the Ice Age! But soon, we will have green grass, leaves, and hopefully some sun to counteract the Ice Age.

Stan said...

We have to get this ice age moving faster! Over the past couple of weeks, a series of earthquakes have been hitting Yellowstone National Park on a daily basis, as many as 200 tremors in one day. Late last evening, it was reported on the news and once again this morning that a group of "knowledgeable person's", although Al Gore was not mentioned is now predicting that the earthquakes of Yellowstone indicate that a major volcanic eruption will occur and it will be unlike any that we have seen in the past. They are predicting at a minimum up to one quarter to one half of the United States will be destroyed from this eruption. That pretty much wipes out any plans that I had to tour the western states again. I figure the only solution to this devastating catastrophe is to get the ice age to move faster, covering Yellowstone with a glacier, consequently cooling any fires of molten lava that is contained within the earth, waiting to erupt. This may be our only option if we do not want to visit the Pacific Ocean beach in Nebraska. I am going to take their word and not buy any property in Los Angles,CA; Las Vegas,NV; Las Cruces,NM; Billings, MT; Casper, WY;, San Francisco, CA; Denver, Co; or anywhere else west of the mighty Mississippi River.

j, d plumma said...

You mean we should "cap" it off with sheets of ice to enhance the explosive power(s) as it needs to go off? Ever shoot a plugged rifle? Be careful wishing for the ice age - just one large eruption in the northern hemisphere could leave us dark and cold for decades...

Stan said...

Won't the "hot" fires and molten lava produced by the volcano, melt the ice that has overflowed the "blow hole" and put out the fire?

Stan said...

P.S.,I can see that you missed the "Gun Safety" course that I taught my grandchildren last summer prior to letting each of them shoot at a target with a .22 rifle and pistol. Rule#1: Never point a gun at anyone, even if you think it is empty. Rule #2: Open the breech, check to see if it is loaded whenever picking up a weapon and then "bore sight" it to insure the barrel is not obstructed. Is there a story that you have and wanting to tell us about?

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