Sunday, February 25, 2007


Try telling these folks about global "warming". They're not likely to listen 'til spring.

"...if you want to find strident voices who argue that global warming is a myth, you will find them. Or on the other hand, you will find voices saying that the sky is falling.

There has been significant facts to prove that glaciers are receding at a faster rate of speed than a decade ago. Climate changes have been more drastic and storms have been more immense than anticipated. At a raw -15 degrees, I, personally, can hardly wait to get back to this "warming" trend we are being so educated on. I think once the snow storm clears from D.C., our official expert teams can get back to solving our global problem of warming. But, that's enough polemical prattle for now. Just keep the sleds waxed - I don't think it's melting off soon.

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Stan said...

Between all of us, can't we find just one picture with green trees, grass, and flowers - even a flock of geese flying north would help! We need to have a little PMAA (Positive Mental Attitude Adjustment)and start thinking "Spring". I did my part today and removed the snow plow from my truck - of course I will need it come "run-off" time so I can back blade the HITWRA. Tomorrow, I am going to go to the nursery and buy a few packets of garden and flower seeds. On Tuesday, I am going to start wearing my short sleeved shirts and shorts. On Wednesday, I am going to wash my truck. On Thursday, I am going to put away my winter boots, costs and long johns. On Friday, I am going to clean out my fishing vest, coat, and clean all my rods and reels. On Saturday, I am going to shovel out the garden shed. On Sunday, I am going to rest - it will have been along hard week.

JD Plumma said...

The ocean level should raise considerably due to the runoff from all this snow cover! When the glaciers melt, we'll flood for sure! Be sure your knee boots are in good shape.

Stan said...

P.S. I forgot to mention, the current weather station on your site is a nice additition.

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