Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are we ready for the New Ice Age?

I suppose we could all move to Australia. I hear there's a lot of
unused land there. They might, also, avoid the Northern
Hemisphere's new ice age. We should all be stocking up on
dry goods
and store plenty of petroleum products for machines to
prepare for this oncoming global event. The election
for president is upon us. Be mindful of who you choose.
Resident alien, Al Gore, may be too busy going over
recent calculations to really appreciate the new age
we are approaching, but, the kids and I will make the
best out of whatever the earth tosses at us.

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Stan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stan said...

Hey, my comments were deleted! What kind of site do you have that restricts our 1st Ammendment rights! If I was not in Montana, I would picket on your front lawn! Your video looked like so much fun, yea, right it really did!

Shana said...

Oh that would be fun...Wonder if that is Mt. Baker...I remember my brother on a sled...going down a mountain we had been told not to sled on yet...when he disappeared!

Heidi said...

If you try sled that way, John you are going to break something! and I am not gong to listen when you whine.

JD Plumma said...

My kids will let me whine to THEM, now. You're off the hook.
By the way - the video is not mine. Linked to the appropriate source.

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