Monday, October 08, 2007

Maybe it's time to harvest?

"It'll probably blow."
I skoff - cause I know
them apples ain't quite ready, yet.

When temp. dropped below,
I pushed the door slow -
ice crystals froze where once wet.

With a coat of fresh snow,
and stiff lawn below,
The trees were quiet and still.

Ripe fruit hanging low,
the wind did not blow,
I paused in awe of the chill.

All froze in a row,
with red apple glow,
makes me want to go lick'em.

A fresh cup of joe
to liven my flow
and thought "Maybe it's time I go pick'em!"

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Great picture and for the first time, I can vouch that it is an authenic picture and the apples were pretty good as well! Cute poem. Thanks for putting us up for a couple of days!

mom said...

I can't believe you've got snow already, better get them red globes picked.

Shana said...

Warren and Natalie would love to come pick those apples for you....boy do they make a beautiful picture.

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