Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy new year!

Even if it is two days after
the fact.

The two days we spent in Caribou Hills
was a great time by my regard. The
temperature held between +9 degrees
and -11. It's probably colder out there
by now considering forecasts and conditions.
We didn't do a lot of riding with such
low air temp but saw things out of
our "ordinary" including the sun
rising and setting over those
particular hills - spectacular!
The short drive home was encompassed
by similar temperatures at -15 (common),
-22 degrees through Soldotna
and one spot 15 miles North of
Naptown at -31 degrees.
Even though the "divine" temperature
reading (at the airport) is listed to
the left, it is a sharp -20 degrees
at our LA residence at this time.
The New Ice Age is upon us.
Looking forward to our "warming trend"
come May.

Jan. 1, 2009 - Sunset in the brisk air

Ice crystals forming at -7 degrees


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Stan said...

Just a little nippy out there, based on my temperature gauging devices, I think perhaps you were having colder temperatures than your gauges were indicating. It has been relatively stable in the A.P.area, from low of -20 to the coldest reported -28 by a neighbor. However, whether it is -20 or -10, it is all relative and the only conclusion that you can derive is that it is to damm cold everywhere. What confuses everyone down here is that the only temperature gathering area is the weather station in Homer and Kenai. Homer can have a forecast of 5 degrees and it will be -15 degrees in Anchor Point. Same as Anchorage, temperatures will vary throughout the city as much as 10 - 15 degrees. The great thing about weather is that it is always changing ~ soon we will have green grass and apple blossoms. Glad you had a safe trip, now go back to work!

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