Scientist groups - funded in $billions - are
discovering a lot of natural occurances of
our sphere in space that lead us to nothing
but fear of eminent doom. How much we
DON'T know should scare us more, I think.

We (humans) can't seem to get full "control"
of our earth's climate changes. From This guy's
outlook, some aliens may have the answers we
seek. Al Gore has, probably, been probed by these
beings from beyond our orb and has been sent to
make us aware of our eminent dangers to face
as the climate changes. Maybe he is an alien himself -
remember "V"(TV movie series)? I just don't want to
give birth to one of those screeching, clawing aliens
of death! It may be time for a global change, but
we have proven that we haven't the knowledge
or means of steering it. We can only watch.
Do we, now, think that aliens will tell us
how to save the earth? Maybe they are waiting
to take over our "slightly used" planet when
we have all been eaten by our own actions
to "preserve" what we have - not giving
way for the earth to do what has been
proven for centuries, now, and dealing
with it? Global Warming does not give
me as much fear as not being ready for
the New Ice Age (NIA) when all our
scientists only look to a warming
"trend" for doom.
We may not even be safe in Australia!
My guess is that we'll have to wait
and see - regardless of computer
generated doom.

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Stan said...

I am with you, more concerned about NIA than GW because form the indicators that I have is that the NIA is far more likely than GW. The CIA and NSW are also concerned buy can't get the funding from the IRS or even the DOT but hoping that HUD will come up with a budget from the excess budget of DOA and the DOE. The NIA is also one reason that the DOD and the MIS is not to concerned about the old USSR as they will be the first to freeze out in the event of the NIA so perhaps it could be utilized as a new defenseive weapon that the DOD, USA, USAF, USN, and USMC can use to their advantage. However, my old grand pappy told me that it is easier to get warm than it is to get cool, of course he lived in Arizona. I think if NASA would work jointly with NWS it would likely come up with a clear conclusiion of GW and then we could concentrate on NIA, those guys running around with ICE on their jackets are not gathering data to study NIA, they be looking for illegal messicans.

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