Friday, April 11, 2008

Did someone say, "artery plugger"?

A few nights back, I cooked the remaining
pork ribs in the oven (instead of the fire).
I have used bacon to flavor many things
like baking potatoes (wrap bacon around the
spud(s) and cook over a fire), beef steak
(blanketed), salmon (2 strips inside),
etc. There are plenty of recipes for the
creative use of bacon, but I say let your
imagination soar and try something new.

One full pound of bacon blanket woven
on boneless, country style pork spare ribs.
Left a tremendous smoky flavor as it
sizzled it's way to crisp atop a close relative
and was a pleasure to devour.
The only thing I feel I've missed is a
good toothpick to clear the ivories of
lodged pork bits. Now, I DID have a
good pick, but this would have been
a better finish :


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Stan said...

Your recipe sounds good, bacon goes with anything! I even like bacon just by itself. From now on, when I cook a steak I am just going to stick a bunch of "picks" in it that way you get the flavor of bacon and as the "picks" burn, it will add a nice taste of smoke flaor to it as well - are the picks hickory wood? Bloggin has slowed down, got a little side tracked since our return to spring, first night had the regular weekly poker tournament. Had a new player show up to play with the Anchor Pointers and Homerites, invited us to come up and play a weekly tournament that he plays in at the Queana Bar (north of Ninilchik)so a contingent of us loaded up three carloads and took on the good folks at in the Ninilchik Area. A little different style of play for us and a bunch more money in the start up ($10,000). Ended up with a guy from Ninilchik and myself going head to head, my final all in was $83,400 which covered his stack and left me some change to work with if I needed it - didn't need it, my pocket eights took the pot. The win did qualify me for the big tournament in Anchorage, but it remains to be seen if I will make the trip. Great fun.

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