Claimed to be a stock helicopter.
But, upon review, the chopper was modified
(who woulda guessed?) and has been flown for
a year by aerobatic helicopter pilot Charles
"Chuck" Aaron. His specially modified helicopter
is a BO-105 CBS aircraft. So the "stock" rumor
was a falsey, yet piloted by man. If you think
that is beyond a chopper's potential, see this ~

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Stan said...

I'd say that the pilot was perhaps suffering from over indulgement of Red Bull. Some great flying techniques, however, I do not buy the concept that it is a stock model right off the show room floor. However, I will but that it is a elctronic controlled helicopter with the background video enhanced. The head picture of the copter only shows one person, not being a copter pilot myself, but I do beleive the pilot sits on the other side of the aircraft. Perhaps, it did not cost Red Bull as much as you would think. For some reason, by BS detector is flashing.

j, d plumma said...

Okay. Not ALL information you might "make up" for reading and considering this web site may be factual. The craft IS modified. If you would read on, you would know this, wise one.

Still! CRAZY RC stunts, too.

Stan said...

Enjoyed the model flying competition, the guy was good on the controls, I would have had that baby buried so deep into the runway that it wouldhave take a backhoe to find it. Now develop the concept of a boat that is large enough to tow an array of large spinners or one laerge smelly herring and we can sit ont he beach and troll for king salmon at Whiskey Gulch. This was tried atthe Homer Spit a few years, with no sucess but I think thre is a workable solution. Use the boat strictly as a towing device and downrigger. Hook the fish and land it from the beach. We could start our own charter service for those fioshermen that get sea sick and we wouldnot even need to get a coast guard license or pay high boat luanching fees.

j, d plumma said...

I fear it would have to be a fairly large vessel to tow a Cook Inlet Special. The drag, alone, would cut it's speed down to a crawl at best.I have considered this notion in the past, though. I think I gave up on that idea when I saw lure launchers with wings. Better range than the radio gear.

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