Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy cookies!

When eating fresh baked cookies and one notices
a treat smiling, you would have to wonder if
eating it is the right choice. I coated the cookie
in shellac to hang it on the wall for a reminder
that treats are a happy thing.

I'm lying - I ate him slowly, teasing him of his
big grin while nibbling away at his happy face.
My tummy thinks much more of him than
my vision.

When glaciers recede from the warming of our
habitat, little things like cookies may be all the
comfort I need to pull through these scary times.
Next thing we know, there will be no ice and snow
around the roads - only greenery of foliage and
bugs playing in the hot sun. With cookies, I
think I am ready to face this warming trend
and even taunt it by wearing shorts, running
barefoot every chance I get, and having water
fights in the yard.
It's just too soon to speak the "S" word. Maybe
after this next snow storm passes...

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Stan said...

Speaking of that, played poker last night until early this am. Woke up to see "slish", not "slush", there is a difference! The "slish" disappeared and was replaced with "slush", however, that did not last long and it was replaced with S!!!. Right now, we have about five inches on the ground, still coming down strong. Was in HITW yesterday, there was bare spots in the bowl area and road was clear, plowing this winter was a benefit - lot's of huge s!!! berms however. I love the s!!!, makes everything sure pure and you do not have to worry about planting flowers with contrasting colors to match the natural trerrain and to blend into the natural habitat. Bet you can't guess who got out and measured all of the his flower beds, going to replace them this year as I have other use for the ten tons of rocks that they are built out of. I should have waited from S_ _ I _ G. I am sorry, it is all my fault.

Stan said...

You should have put that cookie on E-Bay ~ stranger food items have brought big bucks. Hope you enjoyed that $1,000 cookie!

j, d plumma said...

wouldn't be the first time I ate a grand. And to think my mocha only cost around 75 cents.

Golden Granny said...

Oh yum! Makes me want to make ccc's too! I would if I could borrow a couple to kids to help eat them! I'm off to enjoy the cool spring air and walk to the P.O. See you!

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