Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Stan said...

The first sighting of the sun is always exciting when you live in LA especially when the sky is even blue. I told you spring was here! No more "slish" "slush" or that other "S" word. Nice shots by the way.

Stan said...

Weather Alert! Have you seen or heard the forecast? Over the weekend down here it is suppose to be in the forties, long range next week calling for highs of 55! Do you realize that is just 45 degrees below a 100 degrees! Truck load of lumber tomorrow, tackle box construction starts imediately, the new tackle box will also include a "salmon egg" drying and storage room, of course the door is going to be made out of 2"x6"'s with 6 inch lag bolts on all of the hinges and triple padlock security system with the alarm system from the tackle shop installed to warn off prospective intruders. One can never be to safe.

j, d plumma said...

You may need another key keeper - in case you lose the keys to your fortress, I mean. There's a lot of egg thieves in your neighborhood and one can't be too careful.
The great HITW Lake should be constructed soon and we'll start stocking it with your hatchery project.

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