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Refusal to bury in Holy land:
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Heidi said...

We will see if you are ever buried in the holey land!

Stan said...

$5,000 to ship remains home! Dang, I would have just bouty a coach class ticket, propped her up in a seat, secured for seat belt, and let the two peole sitting next to her take care of her on the return twelve hour flight. Total cost, less than $1,000. Added benefits, you would be the first to load and unload because she would need a wheel chair, hotel rooms cheaper because you wopuld only need a single bed, meal cost would be reduced in half. Traveling with a companion that is not breating would be a lot cheaper than one that is actually moving around on their own and you could make an entire trip without hearing "you never talk to me" or that one dangerous question that is always asked, "what are you thinking about".

j, d plumma said...

Weekend at Bernie's.

Tormen Tagain said...

wow, that's a whole lot of description through the use of only three little words. "Bernie's" was great! And I thought you said you fell asleep during movies.
Stan, I think that if he were to utilize your coach seat method it would have to be taken care of pretty darned promptly. Rigor mortis might make seating a bit cumbersome of a task. Although if planned promptly and properly it could be worked to advantage. A little febreeze might also keep the snarls from adjacent passengers at bay.

Shana said...

Now thats funny...guess years of marriage...can get to one...they do not look to

Heidi said...

hah fabreeze! I do have to say traveling with a wheelchair is not easy or quick. Yes you are first on the plain...jjust so you can WAIT another hour before they even let others on. And when the flight lands, you are the LAST off and in many cases you have to fight the cleaning crew for your carry ons.

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