Much discussion has been had pertaining to construction
, at the HITWRA, of cabins. Before groundwork should
commence, we ought to consider a drainage trench (with
drain rock) to thwart underground washing out of the
missile silo. Did I mention the new missile project?
We're through with monkeys and might need a
courageous volunteer whose name will be in
history books for the next generation.

Knowing the operating skills of the clans on HITW juice,
we may hire out for an operator if equipment is needed
for the larger tasks. Over all, we can compromise a few
good ideas over the cost and time allowed. We may not
get exactly what we wish, but, comfort in cost-
effectiveness holds my interest. long as we don't have to haul it all down from LA!

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Stan said...

Yea, I think you failed to mention the missle project to anyone else, but I can understand the policy of "the need to know". Something of this magnitude needs to be protected for security, instead of trying to keep the area drained and expsnes of installing a drainage system, why can't we develop a sub-surface launching platform that way it is completely disguised and will not interfere with the "trout enhancement" project in the lake. Missles and fish have proved that they can exist in the same environment for years, the ballistic shots from submarines has had no adverse effect on the sea otter population or cod. It is an unknown about effects on trout since we have no lakes that host a submarine, of course that is speculative since they are also on a "need to know" basis.

Stan said...

The independent truck driver in the lower picture could not get by with that in Alaska since we are under "load restrictions". I guess they have not invented trailers in China yet.

j, d plumma said...

...just don't eat the fish with 3 eyes...

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