Recently (today), the neighbor, Jola, called about a
small "flooding" situation in their garage. When a lot
of ground water is present - like the big melt-down -
it runs between our houses (closer to theirs) to find
it's way to the street for proper drainage. Because
her "boy" is leaving state tonight, she called me to
see if I could do something about this dilemma.
He already had half of a trench dug out to thwart
the oncoming stream - diverting it around their
structure. 4,000 gallons of water (or so) needs to
run away. Being a creative sort and not wanting
to dig a whole bunch, the solution was simple.
Creek McLay has been diverted at this point.

When faster melting occurs, I may have to
implement another hose (or two). I called
the neighbor, Joe, back and told him not to
sic his old lady on me anymore. I explained
that my crawl space was bone dry - even
with all the ground water present.....
he didn't even seem happy for me....what a jerk!

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Stan said...

That is funny! Enjoyed your walking tour from the headwaters downstream. Didn't see any fish! Now either my monitor is going bad or you have a problem, I do not mind seeing green water, pink water, blue water, and even purple water but poor Barley, he turned green from the contamination! You may want to call DEC and have your water quality tested! The "waterfall" over the side of the concrete wall bewtween you and the neighbors is a nice addition. Have you done the computations to how longh it takes to drain 4,000 gallons of water through that hose? I will have to keep the hose trick in mind when it comes time to drain HITW Lake. Good job John, I am sure you will get some kind of Neighborhood Award.

j, d plumma said...

The fish you are seeking have, already, gone out to the high sea or are still under the ice. No more record rainbows holding as they need more water to occupy space. I should check Joe's garage, though. Maybe some corn and power bait....

Golden Granny said...

To bad you can't convert all that water into an above the ground swiming pool. Or convert your back yard somehow into a big swimming pool! Seems like a waste to let it all go down into the sespools of LA. Where do you come up with this stuff? It's great!

Shana said...

I still have that sump pump...and since I am thawed...I dont need it could take it if you want...seems that ice rink next year should be in the ground...if you dig deep could have the pool mom is talking about all summer and an ice rink in the two good digging dogs here if you need some

j, d plumma said...

I commented prematurely on another site. The pump could be utilized here, soon. As far as pools go, we're going to seal off the neighbor's garage door and make a pool at their place.

Stan said...

This morning while taking my coffee on the back deck as the sun peeked above the spruce trees, looking down into the HITW I could not help but notice a green hose streched across the bowl area as if someone thought they could drain the water that is starting to pool up. I wondered to myself why would Terry even consider that it would do any good. A few minutes later, in the house Terry asked me if I had stretched the hose across the campground to drain the water. She had observed it from the master bedroom window. She did not stretch the hose and I would know better than to stretch the hose. However, prior to coming into the house, I figured out what I was seening. It seems that both of us were looking at a "Green Zip Line" that had been instaled by the Plumma last summer. It surely did look like hose from our angle.

Stan said...

Must still be outside draining your lawn!

j, d plumma said...

Do you mean that our zip line has fallen? That toy needs modified, anyway.
The drain hose for my yard has been left on "auto" at this point. I need only check it daily to ensure the drain is not plugged with corn or something. The "soup trauma" involves a lot of doggie dangit, and will not make a very nice pool - therefore, we drain.

Stan said...

No the zip line is still installed, just looking at it downhill from our angle it looks like it is laying on the ground. It is ready to go, going to run a test ride on it today while there is still some snow on the ground to break my fall.

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