Is this the first time ever ASD
closed schools for three consecutive
days due to weather conditions?
The kids are enjoying their mini
vacation. Our youngest made a
wish early this week (Sunday?)
to get some time off. You can
imagine she is taking all the credit
for the weather across this state.
Some of us just don't give a
fiddle about road conditions
and go to work like good tools,
anyway. This isn't the worst
winds LA has seen in January
by any means. State and city
offices have been shut down,
weather warnings say to not
go out driving if possible and
all the whiners get another
day off if they like. One thing
is certain - the traffic has been
very easy to deal with this week.

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Stan said...

I did not realize that "spring" could paralyze a mega city like LA. Us, less privileged folks that live in rural Alaska continue life as normal, knowing how to adjust to conditions that prevail. I cannot imagine the effects on moral and the economy if we were to cancel our Wednesday night Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament or even closing our schools for a half day. It has been great, once again taking my morning coffee on the deck, void of all ice and snow. What a sweet sound it is to hear the river running to the sea or the sight of a soaring eagle overhead. A good season.

Stan said...

Forgetful me, our parking lot is ideal for some very good figure ice skating. The HITW bowl parking lot area is as nice as any ice hockey rink in the state of Alaska, surely do wish I had a zambonie to keep it in condition. Silly me, I had considered banking up some snow and spend several days filling the enclosure with a water hose to make a ice skating rink. Good thing I got a new pair of ice sakes in the family gift exchange.

FishTaxi said...

skools out for winter!

FishTaxi said...
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