Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last night was violent for a time

I have enjoyed rough storms for
as long as I can remember. As a
kid, I would sit in the forest during
a wind storm to hear the cracking
of tree branches, breaking of trunks
and see the abusive display of power
through treetops. The excitement
built when something became
aloft in the wind to fly about -
as if taunting forces of gravity.
I suppose the power makes me feel
5'-8" (compared to the size of earth).
The ocean intrigued me when
winds were blowing over 50 knots
(approx. 57.6 mph) because the
tops of waves would blow to
the air like sheets. Wind gusts
over 100 miles per hour?
100 foot trees laying over?
I simply had to go out on
the porch and listen to the storm.

While on the porch, the wind(s)
could be heard across our town
to an alarming degree of gust speed.
My imagination was restless just
considering what all the gusts that
could be heard were doing to LA
dweller's sleds, trash cans and other
loose items of yard wear that had
been pushed around for a few days.
Having no anemometer, I've just a
clue what the speeds were but was
afraid our trees (and neighbor's, also)
would break from the strain.
The winds calmed after 10 PM
to "gentle" gusts and LA was
left to wonder what lay in the
street until daylight broke....

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Stan said...

Are we suppose to write our own posting to fit your headline?

j, d plumma said...

do not write your own story. One could expect more patience for "bloglitches" from 60 years of living...

Stan said...

I am so relieved to find out that you are well. When I first visited your site, the only posting was your headline. For some reason thoughts came to mind of the girls duct taping you to a chair, locking you in the garage, or even pouring your beer down the drain. I was so happy to learn that it was just weather related. We had some good winds, but nothing like those of you the "bowl area" experienced. Must be all the asphalt and lack of green belts to break the wind.

Stan said...

Unless it is an emergency, I have never known "right away" clearing taking place at night, unless funding for this project is coming out of an emergency account and the only way that it could be done. Are you sure that they were not burglars posing as utility workers? I would have called the cops! Was going to make a posting today, but glitches in blogspot continue when you try to download pictures according to their trouble desk. Oh well, I will just visit other sites and leave little prattlings all over the place.

Stan said...

Blogspot seems to have a few glitches, tried to post the above comment on the Erotic Screaming site, but it would not download, similar to the same problem that we are having with pictures, so I will just deposit it at your site. Since your site appears to be in good standing with the master program, do you mind if I use your site for a couple of posting, just send me your i.d. and pass word.

Shana said...

I was accosted by several garbage cans and a huge sheet of plastic on my way to the store....came home and have not moved since....let it blow let it blow let it blow...a freeze would be nice now...i got lots of friggin water...

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