Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The non-fickle pickle

14 sheets to the sky and the roof was
covered and ready to shingle. We would
have been more productive with an
earlier start in the day.

The only distraction happened to be fish.
Although building is important, fishing
for Coho in the Anchor is almost necessity.
The wife, youngest and I all hooked the
same size - leaving us on even grounds
within the Wolf clan. The three of us
with an Eagle and a Bear had the "hot spot"
on the river that morning and hear-say
is that these 7 fish were half of the
entire river's catch for the day.
As you can see, the Eagle (who generously
gave his coho to be pickled) had the big
of the year. Maybe even the century.

The 16.5 lb Coho dwarfs the 10.5's next
to it. We should all be aware that many
Silver salmon have grown beyond this
weight - exceeding the 20 lb mark plus.
The state record is 26 lbs from Icy Strait
in 1976. Regardless, this Anchor River
Coho is the largest heard of from these
waters - ever. I don't believe the fish
was measured which, for a Coho, holds
not the weight in calculation. The pic
above clearly indicates this fish, without
head, is around 22 inches in length.
Guessing the head at 6 inches leaves
big numbers for this specie.

As the Eagle has processed and smoked
many fish this year, I will provide a mess
of pickled salmon for him and the Lady
Eagle (who enjoys the pickle more). Some
will be smoked, as well - including the bellies
which happen to be my favorite smoke.

I pickled some last year as a trial and it turned
out pretty good. The second batch I made
was from frozen fillets and was of a second
quality nature. I recommend fresh only for
this kind of processing and you can expect
first-rate outcome of the pickles. I may need
more mason jars to contain the pile of pieces
ready to pickle.

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Stan said...

It is very sporting of you to recognize and appreciate the size of that big one fish. After we had taken care of it in the field I found myself wishing that we would have measured it and taken the girth measurements. I am going to estimate the length of the head a couple of more inches than your estimate, he was the typical big hooked jaw buck Silver. Looks as if you have your work cut out for you in the processing. Hoping that the weeather will clear and I will do some additional construction, the forecast does not look good.

j, d plumma said...

The bellies are smoking, now...my favorite. I will save some for the Grand Poopah, though. Byrd helped a lot with cutting and curing the salmon. She even finished the batch for me this morn. Good to have the help. I think she may be my new apprentice.
I think you might check your tape measure if you think that was 8 inches.

Stan said...

Finish siding your cabin today, while I had the scaffolding set up inthe rear, I went ahead and installed your fir5st window. So now you havbe a bedroom window, ain't no body goona peek in your windo - unless they are standing on the bluff inthe alders behind you. Need to have you email me, going to go in tomorrow and pick up some additional lumber to finish up, need a couole of 2x6 to complete the rear eve truss and a couple of 12 footers to put in the one cross, enforcement beam that you wanted. Do you want the placement on the first or 2nd set of rafters? Also need window placement and door placement, solid door going on front? Finding the odd things to do so I do not haqve to get on the roof!:)

Stan said...

Each time I see that picture of allthe fish on the board, that is big silver! Almost as big as that 16.5 pound Silver I caught, oh, that is the same fish. I didn't think there would be another silver that big.

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