Raspberries are turned colors
and just have til next week to hold
a bucket of fresh ripeness.

The first strawberries were delicious and
could not resist being part of a well balanced

T and I had fine Alaskan sushi rolls
for dinner this week, baked Coho fillet
this night with pork chops,
and I began pickling some
AR silvers, as well.
Went canoing nearby last nite
with the hope of catching a "lunker".
The sun never shined on the water
like a couple of separate evenings
I was present when the show was on.
The canoe no more than touched liquid
and we saw a fat jumper.

Blankets of bugs flew above the surface
and the air was still. It seemed a
perfect night to hook up...
then it sprinkled...


Does anyone know
what this is on
<-- the twig? It was found attached to this stick that was hooked on the lake bottom. Gel-like in structure,

About 3/4" in length
and 1/2" wide,
greenish specks inside,
and stuck to the stick like
a booger.

I really don't have an
answer as of yet, but as
, will research.

After paddling around for a couple of hours
and not catching anything except a beaver-
felled tree with the Buffalo's neck, we banked
and dragged the canoe out.

Tossed a couple
of times from shore but were unsuccessful.
It IS typical of trout to get all wound up
right when the sun is about to go down
but, first, I think we needed sun instead
of sprinkled water. Further studies will
prove there is S.A.D. among the fishes
due to US not getting the "global" warm
part of the deal. Did AK just fall off the

3 opinionated prattle:

Anonymous said...

isn't the lake you found hat bugger in by to the hospital?

Stan said...

Did I evger tell you about the time I caught a 16.5 Silvr Salmon from the Anchir River? the green ooze that you discovered is likely some type of experiment that was washed down the drain from the nearby hospital, I would not advise going swimming in that lake.

j, d plumma said...

...too late. Eric, Don & I ate it...

to anonymous :
will you please repeat the question in english?

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