Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The only issue with Alaskan Coho

...is that chipping the ice from their tail
proves more difficult than scaling them.

They seem to like cold climates as this
specie of salmon is not late-running like
previous runs of Kings, Reds and Pinks
for the summer of 2008.
Maybe the name - Silver - in itself holds
mystical powers that keep global warming
"at bay".

The yard's fruits seem to have swollen double
their size just over this past weekend. A little
sun goes a long way to boost the morale of
overcast, stunted growth from cool temps.

This is my new favorite Rainbow spot inside
the fine little town of LA. The problem with
finding this last week with K is that it can be
very distracting from chores that need done
when it is 5 minutes from home.
To those in AP - good luck with your fishing
and prepare to allow a Wolf to take the
Vern Harrington Silver Salmon Derby
like a wind storm come this weekend.

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Stan said...

Silver fishing is Redd Hot!!!! Bear had so many fish this morninghe could not count all of them. Looks good for the tournament this weekend. Rained out so far today and keeping us from completingthe roofing, ready to hang the last of the rafters, all marked and ready to to go over the deck. Lady Eagle and She Wolf picked up a load of firewood this a.m. while I prepared the layout. By the time they returned and we cut up the firewood,the clouds opened up on us.

Stan said...

Oh yea, got an early mnornign call this a.m. pertaining to fishinf rainbow in your secret lake. Don't let anyone know about you secret spot in downtown LA. Remember, three of you do not fit in one canoe.

Stan said...

Brer Bear and I fished this morning on the the traditonal "birthday catch", fishing was just short of redd hot, a lot of selective, catch and release fishing for big silvers. Lost count on the number, it would appear that it is going to take at least a 15 pounder to take the derby. Dad did get a very nice, large hen.

j, d plumma said...

Got some "magic", fresh-cured roe to toss in the Anchor from LA. Those Coho won't know what hit 'em.

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