Sunday, August 10, 2008

If it weren't for the enticing coho...

...we may have made more progress on the roof.
One question remains about cutting the
"extra" off rafters at what point?

The elegant, earth-friendly rain
catch design is great, but, It's tough to
find a good plumber when his mind is
caught up in framing and piping is a
crucial part of the sleek design.

The porch was built, the loft decked, and
3 windows framed, though. The roof took
more thought process but the standing
example, next door, held many answers
to wanted numbers - thanks to good design
(and open frame work - not sheeted inside).
Saturday proved productive and little mind
was paid to fishing until late evening. I
didn't even take the camera. We saw a rain
squall move in from Cook Inlet and fished
until after dark but had no luck. That just
left an unfilled space in the mind and a
morning trip was planned before returning
to the pit - worth the effort, I assure.

We began smoking the salmon almost
immediately when returning from the
adventure around 9 AM. Work should
have started 2 hours previous, but the
kitchen was throwing off good smells

of bacon and strawberry hotcakes that
could make a grizzly stop in his tracks.
Of course - after cleaning the deserved
salmon for process - we had to appreciate
a warm breakfast. Kudos to the chef(s).

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