Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The strangest thing I saw today...

Was geese - in flight - is it still May!?
Will they circle our town and play,
Or will they simply go away?

True, Cohos fill the running streams
But was the summer all in dreams?
Trees have shed some leaves, it seems
The sun is short on evening beams.

The apples aren't quite done, you see
They're getting fatter on the tree.
How much better could it possibly be,
in the Last Frontier, with your salmon and tea?

The dew on morning grass is set,
New stuff to try with salmon we get,
I don't think we're done getting wet-
My eyelets haven't iced up yet!

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Stan said...

My sentiments exactly, I do not recall a summer efver passing so quickly! In the old days, those 18 - 20 hour days seemed to drag by - now that I am free there is not enough time inthe day to do the thngs I want - it has been a fast summer.

real eyez said...

I agree with you both it has been a short summer, but I am kind of glad for the return of fall. It means things will calm down as we get on our school schedule! John, well written! Great photos to go along with it! I am glad to see you apples doing well with no dogs using them as substitute tennis balls! I had hoped they hadn't shocked your trees into never producing fruit!

JD Plumma said...

Last year the tree had few apples due to moose-pruning just before thaw. This year, the apples are bigger than the last 4 years - probably due to the fruit reduction earlier. Did the rest good, apparently.

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