HELLLOOOO, DOLLY!! These pics turned out pretty good for
being in the dark, no? The flash made nearby anglers think
we were in a lightning storm.

As you can see, this humpy (pink - for those sensitive pukers reading)
would have weighed in at nearly 10 lbs. Too bad the Vern Harrington
fishing derby
is specie specific and excludes other breeds. Carefully
returning the fine specimen to the pristine stream to avoid ridicule,
I caught this right after the big King, and right before the dolly varden -
all in the dark, before 6 AM. No Coho graced my hook and line, though.
It's hard enough to fish in a small community without ridicule - being from
LA, and all - let alone try to match a recorded weight in last year's
derby that looked, in pictures, about half of what it was claimed to weigh.
Who am I to argue from 200 miles away? Pictures are worth
thousands of words - even if it IS all prattle!

At the least, there's still Hope.

2 opinionated prattle:

Heidi said...

What a pretty Humpy...nice shot!

real eyez said...

Good pic especially for being a night shot. I would have thought the flash would reflect off the water and fish...but no.

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