Thursday, August 09, 2007

Green apple syrup

A couple of days ago, a young Woodpecker - assisted by a young Buffalo -
proceeded to perform an early harvest of young green apples. After
discussing it with them, the decision was made to turn out some apple

The syrup turned out very well - clear, sweeeet, and sticky - until
we warmed it for pancakes last night and it went cloudy and stiff.
Good thing is, only about half the apples available were plucked.
Bad thing is, the same branch featured in the last post as a slide
show fell victim to the picking and the "every 4 days" pictures
of progress have come to a halt.

A side note :

We did very well on the trip out of Resurrection with 5 good sized
halibut and everyone's limit of silvers met. My big one happened to
beat the closest contender of length for the boat pool by 1/4 inch -
winning me $60. The boss got the halibut pool by a 30 lb. margin.

He (boss) went out 3 days consecutive - driving to Seward at 5:30 and
returning around 10 PM each night - to charter the entire crew for his
bonus mission.
The silvers are HOT in Resurrection Bay. Looks like a big run this
year. You know he was tired, but couldn't wipe the smile off his
silly mug - not even when I took the salmon pool with a quarter inch.
I only hope Anchor River is as friendly to Wolf this weekend...

3 opinionated prattle:

Shana said...

the apple syrup tasted heavenly though.

Stan said...

You surely do have a tough time gettiong a full aple harvest! Ever consider an electric fence? Nice silvers, sounds like a great trip. Anchor River is still very sloooow - but it was the first year, remember you tried to sneak in a spwaned out Humpy!

Stan said...

Thanks for the tip on the Silver Fishing in Resurrection Bay, you will be happy to know that with that tidbit of info, you made the Kenai Peninsula Sport Fishing Report. Sure glad that you cannot get the broadcast in your area - I was just kidding! :)

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