Our little tree (not being chewed on by a moose this spring) has been putting
on weight at a steady rate for a few weeks, now. The wet weather we've had
has only complimented the fruit it bears. If I get sick of rain, I view the apples
to remember what they looked like as flowers, and that any and all life
needs water to survive. I know - don't count the chickens yet. We have
'til September (at least) until they will be harvested - the first frost
always makes them their sweetest.
Each picture is taken no more than 5 days apart to show the constant growth.

Tomorrow, 5 AM, I go to Seward with the boss and half the crew
on a "required" fishing charter out on Resurrection Bay.
GAWD, these guys are demanding!

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Stan said...

Apples are looking good! Almost the size of my raspberries! Looks like an abundent cropt this season. Tomatoes are also looking real good but the rest of the garden died! I do well with the flowers, however, I have managed to deal witht hefact that I am not a vegetable type gardner - my last year except for the hot house! Imean like when you plant to packets of peas and have a ottal of 13 vines, first week of August and those few vines are only a foot tall - do not look forward to a crop of peas this year. If you are going down to fish for silvers, you should find some very good fishing! Anchor run has not started yet, I do know ofg two that were caught yesterday so I will probably prospect the evening tide, the weather is not going to permit me to build today. Got up at 0600 this morning to go to work, has been raining steady since that time. The doppler shows alot of rain and the long range forecvast, even for next weekend is rain, right after that we are going to have some more rain. Maybe I could put up some blue tops over the gazebo so I could work!

JD Plumma said...

Good thinking! Tarp it!

I still think - with the right support for cover - we could have a controlled eco-system within the confines of HITWRA! Imagine - June in January....

Shana said...

the rain will sweetent them up too...me is going to go to a secret garden and harvest about a 100 apples and some rapberries too...just awaiting them to get ripe.

Shana said...

oh we could use to out house feul to help heat it right?

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